Friday, January 28, 2011

Common Sense--Or Lack of It!

Let me get this right--some lady is suing a mall because she was texting while she was walking, didn't see the huge fountain in the middle of the mall, and fell into the fountain...because she was texting. Now the feds are proposing legislation to ban texting while walking. Of course, we all know that our legislators have nothing better to do than monitor the millions of people who own cell phones. There aren't more pressing issues out there, such as the national economy, terrorism threats, unemployment, education...the list is endless. And I ask, what type of scrupulous lawyer would even take on such a case? Oops, that might have been a oxymoron, huh, using scrupulous and lawyer in the same sentence? Furthermore, what kind of judge would even allow such a case to appear in the courtroom? Don't we have enough court dockets full of rape and murder cases? Next they'll be proposing that all potential cell phone owners will have to take a class on safe cell phone use before they can purchase said phone. Well, many of us took a driver's education course, but that doesn't make us safe drivers. I just really want to know--have we all gone brain-dead?  There seems to be absolutely no common sense in the world today. Taco Bell is currently being sued because they allegedly don't use 88 percent of 100% USDA inspected ground beef. What? Lab tests allegedly have revealed that there is only 35% ground beef in their products. My question is: are they using United States ground beef or is it imported? That's what is more important to me. Are they helping our economy and my industry by purchasing U.S. ground beef? Again, where's the common sense? I'd write more on this subject, but I just received a text and I've got to head outside to do something while I text back. Hopefully I don't fall into a stock tank or something. It'd be bad if I had to sue the owner who put the tank there--wait, that would be me! Oh, man, all this lack of common sense has me totally confused now. Happy trails!


  1. Haha, you do have a great sense of humor, but still hit the important issues on the head. Great post!

  2. I love your post, come to find out she was a wanted felon. Too funny.