Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stock Show

The blog is entitled "Stock Show" but, first, I've got to wish country singer Dolly Parton a happy 65th birthday today. I'm sure she's an avid fan of my blog and she'll get this birthday wish firsthand... Anyway, I could write something about Dolly, but I'm choosing to leave that to someone else. I do enjoy her singing, I miss hearing her on the radio (but then again I miss hearing lots of GOOD singers on the radio) and it's nice to know she's still out there plugging away. And with that I'm going to stop before I get myself into trouble. I went to the National Western Stock Show yesterday and worked in the Farm Bureau booth, watching little kids play in different samples of grain seeds that we had set on the tables. What is it that fascinates little kids about running their hands through a bowl full of seed? Then some guy comes along and asks me what is the best way to cook millet? He wanted to fix some for breakfast. Do I look like Rachel Ray? Martha Stewart? the chef on Hell's Kitchen? Mister, we don't cook the millet for our cows...we bale it up and feed it to 'em. Here's another one--what's the difference between steel-sharpened oats and rolled oats? I don't know, people, ask the Quaker! Again, we roll the oats into bales of hay and drop it off the flatbed. Or, if you're a horse, you might get a couple coffee cans full of it each morning. One of the questions on the scavenger hunt was "What plant produces yellow flowers that have seed pods with oil in them?" Corn? Uh, no, last I checked corn does not produce a yellow flower. Sunflowers? Well, that might be an intelligent guess. But if you'll look at the poster to which I am using my best Vanna White imitation and pointing to, it will reveal the answer of canola. You know, like canola oil, that is used for cooking. Supposed to be good for your heart and all that. And another thing--has a study been done on how much the NWSS, Greeley Independence Stampede, Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, etc. impacts western wear sales? I have never seen so many people wearing cowboy hats that really shouldn't be wearing cowboy hats. And cowboy boots with their pants barely long enough to touch the top of the boots. Well, the NWSS certainly is a learning experience...for all of us!!! Happy trails...


  1. Must say... I love the reference to the coffee can full of oats :) All true horsemen seem to feed their horses by the coffee can scale! We know exactly how much that

  2. Well I can clearly see how this might be offensive;) We are heading up that way this weekend and I love watching the people.

    My son is also a Dolly fan, will have to share your blog with them!

    Happy trails! Enjoy the words!

  3. "What is it that fascinates little kids about running their hands through a bowl full of seed?"
    I remember many summer nights "swimming" through a semi trailer full of wheat. I think I liked it because it was the closest thing I had to a sandy beach.