Friday, February 4, 2011

Calf Meringue

I just pulled a coconut cream pie from the oven and had to smile at how pretty the meringue looks. I sometimes struggle with meringue. My aunt used to make cream pies with the most beautiful meringue. She gave me her meringue recipe but, like most recipes that are handed down, it just doesn't work as well for me. Oh, it looks nice, tastes great, and all that, but it just doesn't stand up and salute like some meringue you see. You know the kind, the pies that are loaded with meringue and down there underneath if you look hard enough, you'll see the actual pie. I like meringue on my cream pies. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind some good whipped cream on top of them either, but I just think meringue adds to the pie. But, for some reason, this pie-baking session took me back to my childhood days when Mom used to bake cream pies. She made the most wonderful chocolate and coconut cream pies with the most beautiful meringue. But, like me, she was never satisfied with the way her meringue looked. As kids, though, we didn't mind. We loved it. But we always called it "calf slobbers." I'm not really sure why. I guess if you study meringue long enough, it sort of bears a resemblance to said 'calf slobbers.' I am sure many restaurants who pride themselves in their bakery departments would not appreciate hearing meringue referred to as such. But that's just the mentality of kids reared on a ranch. You know, kind of like looking at something sort of yellowish-green and thinking it looks like, well, you know. It's related to calves too. Anyway, I've got a pretty good looking coconut cream pie here, complete with calf meringue. Happy trails!

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  1. I have a theory on some of those recipes passed down...I think they always forget to tell you ONE thing. Just enough that yours is never quite as good;)

    But Kudo's on the pie!