Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Been away from the blog a while, it seems. Well, I really didn't have much to talk about (some of you would think that's pretty normal if you've read my blogs!) and this thing called time also creeped in and made itself at home. So I got the bulls moved to another pasture, but the dogs weren't impressed. I just honked the horn on the flatbed and the bulls hauled out of the pasture they were in and galloped alongside the pickup, trying to steal a bite of cake (that's range cubes for you novices). One of the bulls kept trying to stick his head inside the cab of the pickup, hoping to get a special treat, but all he received as a snip on the nose from Tippy. Patches was too busy trying to bury herself in the floorboards as far away from that humongous big black thing as she could get. Got the cows moved into the calving pasture, too. Same process, just quite a few more. I love how cattle string out like a freight train, methodically following one another to the appointed destination. I had a friend in college (yes, I did have friends then) who once asked me which cow decides when it's time to go get a drink of water. I'd never really thought about that I guess. To this day I don't know which cow decides that they are all thirsty and should go for water. In between all the ranch work we sneaked in a trip to Arkansas to see the oldest son perform in a play his college was presenting. This was awesome! Everything was done so professionally--kind of like watching a high school basketball game, then going to the Nuggets. Well, maybe I shouldn't compare a high school team to the Nuggets--high school players want to play, not whine until they're traded to another team. But that's another blog. (Happy trails to you, Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups!). Speaking of whining--yesterday I received a cortisone shot in my left thumb. I don't think we give our thumbs and big toes enough credit. We don't remember they are there until they hurt. The doctor assured me this shot would help. But, if not, we can always do a joint replacement. What???? He said that as if he was just going to pull a splinter out of my thumb. We've had great results with the joint replacements, the doc assured me. Today I think he did the joint replacement and I didn't know it. I have a really high pain tolerance, but I about had to change my diaper when he injected that thing. Yes, he deadened it first. I had no feeling from my thumb clear up to my shoulder. I think the dentist could have filled a tooth and wouldn't have had to shoot any deadener in there. Then he injected the cortisone which nearly caused me to have an adverse reaction and smack him in the face. I thought he deadened the thumb! He also reminded me that I probably wouldn't be able to do a whole lot today because the thumb would be sore. Oh, pfffhhhtt. What could stop me? Perhaps a sore thumb? Gee, he must know what he's talking about. Well, it's time to go get something done. What can I do that requires minimal use of a thumb--clicking a remote with the right hand, perhaps? Now there's an idea!


  1. Glad you are back. So I have a theory on the cows from our dairy days. With cows just as in people there are the "lead cows" (I'm married to one) and so when they are thirsty the others just follow along and decide they are thirsty as well. You watch...there are usually certain ones that take on that lead responsibility:) However, my brother-in-law and I joked about when you aren't the lead cow...the view is always the same!! ;)

    And for your thumb...good made me hurt just reading about it!!! Take care!

  2. I love reading your writings. Always makes me smile.